Invest. Innovate. Impact.

Cambridge Energy Stock Ltd. is an investment innovation company and a new type of social enterprise for Community Economic Development, including utilities and infrastructure projects. We develop novel transport, energy, water and waste carbon capture technologies using Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and Co-operative model. PPP allows a project to be completed sooner and make it a possibility without raising taxes. Local authorities are increasingly being steered towards PPP because the management skills and financial acumen of the business community will create better value for money for taxpayers.
It has been estimated that trade in public services could ultimately net the private sector an extra £30 bln a year and Cambridge Energy Stock is determined to participate and contribute to this sector.

The Company is run by the UK Certified Investment Managers with the competency required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for managing investments. Cambridge Energy Stock Ltd. is a proud member of the UK Professional Investors Community and a Founder of Cambridge Cleantech

Financing of Cleantech projects  can be difficult for a SME with financial institutions seeking to minimise their risks. In the most startup companies good engineering ideas are weakened by poor management. Cambridge Energy Stock pools together innovative projects and takes care of your ideas and their deployment.