Biomass for energy usually means plant material such as wood, woodchip or wood pellets. Biomass boilers include systems up to 10 MW+ power whilst burning a huge array of biomass fuels.

The UK biomass industry is at early stage, although the country has long been Europe’s leading wood pellet importer. The UK demand for power generation is raising and remains  stable for the foreseeable future.

Historically biomass boilers have been underperforming industry standards by between 10% and 20% due to lack of knowledge and professional asset management. The industry is tainted by poor products, performance and installation methods. As the industry evolves, good brands and installers have continued to win work.

The highest quality wood boilers are developing in EU. Manufacturers such as Froling, HDG, ETA, SHT and Windhager export their chip, log and pellet boilers all over the world. They have arrangements with UK distributors who drive demand for biomass and keep a hand in the quality control of biomass installations.

Cambridge Energy Stock team has substantial knowledge and contacts in the UK biomass and waste to energy industries and is confident in success.


Advantages of Biomass.

  • Biomass fuel is considered "carbon neutral".  It takes CO2 out of the atmosphere while it is growing and returns it as it is burned maintaining a closed carbon cycle with no net change in atmospheric carbon;
  • Receive government subsidy under the Renewable Heat Incentive;
  • Biomass fuels currently give savings on fuel costs compared to other sources e.g. oil, coal and LPG;
  • Burning waste materials and wood is better for the environment;
  • Local fuel source which is widely available throughout the UK results in local investments and employment.