Case Study 1 - Modern Methods of Construction

Patented innovative construction technologies that overcomes the shortcomings of traditional and archaic internal fit out systems and processes.
Off-site manufactured Hybrid Walling Panels (HWP) are made from non-combustible and natural insulation materials and have unique thermal and acoustic qualities. Perfect for both partitions and external wall linings, customised panels with all electrical and plumbing components can be quickly and methodically installed by low-qualified labour. Delivery partners include some of the UK’s leading manufacturers and materials suppliers.

As identified in the impartial report of a leading global property and construction consultancy Gleeds, HWP offer 16% savings on internal fit out time, 5% savings on materials and 10% savings on build footprint.

Patents protected in Europe, U.S.A., U.A.E, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Australia.