Cooperative model

Co-operatives making a difference through … Sustainable Development

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed by UN member states in September 2015 offer a powerful shared vision of development. They represent a fundamental shift from a model of development oriented around economic growth to one that aims to be both an environmentally sustainable and a socially equitable model. It can be argued that the SDGs reflect a people-centred model of development rooted in co-operative values. The opportunity for the co-operative sector is significant.

Co-operatives bring is not just vision, but the ability to live out that vision in practical, commercial reality. The UN secretary general says: “Co-operative enterprises are in a unique position to help to promote the 2030 Agenda. They are natural vehicles to deliver the collaborative partnership and the people-centred and integrated approach required to attain the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.” 

Source: Co-operatives UK secretary general, Ed Mayo, on the role of co-operatives in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.