Holding company

Advantages of Holding company

Cambridge Energy Stock is a holding company that pools together innovative projects and takes care of your ideas and their deployment. Joining a holding company is an excellent way to develop innovation without taking unnecessary risks. It gives you advantages you would not have when operating as separate entities. To name a few:

  • Holding is a public limited company (PLC) that isstrictly regulated, and the risk is spread out;
  • Subsidiaries are protected from problems occurring in other companies;
  • Immediate connection to aproven advice, supervision and project financing;
  • Privilege to sell shares to investors in order to raise capital. Only PLCs may be listed on the London Stock Exchange and attract cheaper investment from mutual funds and other traders;
  • Bigger potential for growth and expansion, to pay off debt and fund R&D; 
  • Tax advantages;
  • The holding company may have special know-how that could be used in other subsidiaries.