Green Finance

Doing well while doing good

Impact investment may sometimes be described as ‘green’, ‘responsible’ or ‘sustainable’. Whatever name use they incorporate environmental, social and governance factors. It may enable superior risk management, seek to identify new opportunities or ensure that sufficient weight is given to long-term factors. Cambridge Energy Stock develops innovations through advanced financial model and professional cost and risk control. The Company is run by the UK Certified Investment Managers with the competency required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for managing investments.

Cambridge Energy Stock projects are long term investments to deliver environmental and social impacts as well as a financial return. To align Camstock portfolio to the future low-carbon economy we follow the UK Clean Growth Strategy and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. 

Financing of cleantech projects can be difficult for a SME with financial institutions seeking to minimise their risks.  Reputable advisers avoid wasting time with beginners who have no money to pay for service. In the most start-up companies good engineering ideas are weakened by poor management. Improving business efficiency and cost control can save many bright ideas and 25% of the UK emissions.

Cambridge Energy Stock offers innovative green finance instruments like Holding, Public-Private Partnership, Private Finance Initiative and Co-operative model.